Krong Kep

Kep Beach 

Kep Beach is located at Kep District, at the tip of the peninsula. The area is the site of several ruined French mansions. Mostly black sand now recovered with the white sand of Sihanoukville.
Kep Beach

The Kep Peninsula enters southwest to the Kep Bay in a triangle. A tiny archipelago of 13 islands (Koh) and islets are located at the east side of the peninsula:

  1. Koh Tonsay (កោះទន្សាយ, ‘Rabbit Island’)
  2. Koh Kok (កោះកុក, Egret Island)
  3. Koh Mtes (កោះម្ទេស, Chili Island)
  4. Koh Svay (កោះស្វាយ, ‘Mango Island’)
  5. Koh Tbal (កោះត្បាល់, ‘Millstone Island’)
  6. Koh Hal Trei. (កោះហាលត្រី, ‘Dry Fish Island’)
  7. Koh Svay Prey (កោះស្វាយព្រៃ), ‘Wild Mango Island’)
  8. Koh Sarang (កោះសារ៉ាង ‘Sarang Island’)
  9. Koh Pou (កោះពោធិ or Pura Island, ‘Enlightening Island’)
  10. Koh Makprang. (កោះម៉ាកប្រាង, ‘Makprang Island’ – A Cambodian wild small fruit like a mango.)
  11. Koh Angkrong (កោះអង្គ្រង, ‘Angkrong Island’ – Angkrong is the Ziziphus cambodiana tree species.)
  12. Koh Ach Seh (កោះអាចម៍សេះ, ‘Horse Dung Island’, however, the name is popular evolving to just Kos Seh – Horse Island.)
  13. Koh Snguot. (កោះស្ងួត, ‘Dry Island’)


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