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We can organize your trip to any destination that you desire and make sure you reach it in utmost comfort. Whether you are a resident traveling to explore the surrounding areas or a first-time visitor, our team of professional drivers can take you there. Our drivers have years of experience and provide the finest service. Team of professionals is available and ready to provide you with premium service at all times. Pack your bags and throw them in, sit back and stretch your feet as our chauffeur takes care of everything. They’ll look after the directions and take care of the traffic. Enjoy in smooth ride when you travel in our taxi.


Places to visit:

Start at 7:00/8:00 – 17:00

  1. Wat Phnom
  2. Royal Palace
  3. National Museum
  4. Killing Field
  5. Toul Sleng Genocide Museum (S-21)
  6. Rusian Market/Central Market

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Prices and Type of Gun

  1. Rocket launcher (B41): 1 bullet = $350
  2. M79: 1 bullet = $100
  3. Hand grenade: 1 bullet = $100
  4. K57: 100 bullets = $150
  5. M60: 100 bullets = $160
  6.  RPD: 50 bullets = $120
  7. AK47 (Kalasnicov): 1 Maganize 30 bullets = $50
  8. M16 (American): 1 Maganize 30 bullets = $50
  9. Gasoline: 1 Barrel = $60
  10. GAS:  1 Barrel = $60

You ever try – you ever know!

You never try – you never know!

Email us to suggest your own tour/plan and let us know which vehicle you’ll take, we’ll quote you as soon as possible. Click here.

Welcome to Takeo Province, to know more about it. Please visit:

Spots to visit: 

  • Tonle Batie Temple
  • Phnom Tamao Zoo
  • Phnom Chisor Temple
  • Phnom Da Temple
  • Phnom Bayon Koa

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Policies for the tours above. 
Phnom Penh is the starting point and Phnom Penh or Siem Reap is the endpoint.

Your money is safe with PhnomPenhTaxiService, as we only pay the tour operator after your tour has departed.
PhnomPenhTaxiService only requires a deposit of 20% to confirm this  booking. The remaining balance is then payable 15 days prior to the departure date.
Cancellation policy
No additional cancellation fees! You can cancel the tour up to 30 days prior to the departure date and you will not need to pay the full amount of tours but the deposit of 20% is non-refundable. If you cancel via PhnomPenhTaxiService the standard cancellation policy applies.
Some departure dates and prices may vary and our team will contact you with any discrepancies before your booking is confirmed.
Credit Cards
The following cards are accepted for PhnomPenhTaxiService: PayPal (Visa – Master Card – American Express) and Payoneer request form.

Phnom Penh Airport City Tour

55 $ / 4 Pax
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Phnom Penh City Sihanoukville

110 $ / 4 Pax
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Phnom Penh City Kep & Kampot

120 $ / 4 Pax
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Phnom Penh City Siem Reap City

175 $ / 4 Pax
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Phnom Penh City Bokor Hill

110 $ / 4 Pax
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Phnom Penh City Kirirom park

90 $ / 4 Pax
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