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PhnomPenhTaxi Service has been providing excellent service for more than 5 years to residents and visitors of Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville. We offer comfortable, dependable and nearest Point to Point PhnomPenhTaxiService to business and leisure travelers. It is our dedication to client satisfaction that puts us on the top; our commitment to quality and our speedy and timely delivery are attributes of our service. We are the leading transportation provider in the area and our team continues to work hard to ensure our clients always experience the finest service. Our hard work is rewarded by our clients’ loyal patronage. If you have ever wondered “Where can I find a taxi near me?”, we are your answer to that problem.

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Airport Transfers

The Most Enjoyable Experience

Travelling to and from the airport can be a hassle, especially for frequent travelers, but not with PhnomPenhTaxiService. With every ride that we provide, we strive to make your experience the most enjoyable. First we plan your transportation carefully and ensure that you are picked up at the exact planned time and transferred to your destination swiftly and without any unnecessary delay.

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Phnom Penh Airport


We invite you to pre-arrange a long or short tours in Phnom Penh Cambodia, PhnomPenhTaxiService with our team and you’ll experience the most enjoyable journey in our super-clean and comfortable vehicles with a professional chauffeur taking care of the driving. . If you have any suggestions, please send us via contact form or email:

We can organize your trip to any destination that you desire and make sure you reach it in utmost comfort. Whether you are a resident traveling to explore the surrounding areas or a first-time visitor, our team of professional drivers can take you there. Our drivers have years of experience and provide the finest service. Team of professionals is available and ready to provide you with premium service at all times. Pack your bags and throw them in, sit back and stretch your feet as our chauffeur takes care of everything. They’ll look after the directions and take care of the traffic. Enjoy in smooth ride when you travel in our taxi.


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